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Direct Solutions has been providing superior rehabilitation services to DVA and the Australian Defence Force for over 10 years.

Direct Solutions offers a client-centred approach to provide tailored programmes to meet our veterans personal needs and situation. We work closely with ex-ADF personnel who have incurred an injury or illness as a result of their service. Our programs focus on the individual and include a biopsychosocial approach to maximise recovery.

Work Trials

Direct Solutions facilitates the entry into an appropriate Work Trial for our veterans. Work Trials are provided to ex-ADF members leaving the military who are not able to return to their original workplace in the Australian Defence Force.

A work trial is a valuable opportunity for veterans to;

  • Gain a recent civilian work history and referees
  • Update existing skills
  • Gain new skills
  • Test out their capacity for work
  • Become more competitive in the job seeking process
  • Gain confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Form social relationships and expanded support networks


Direct Solutions aims to help veterans to adapt, manage and recover after a service related injury or disease. At Direct Solutions we work with veterans to provide tailored programs to meet their medical, social and vocational needs. Direct Solutions ensures that our veterans are provided with the appropriate services and benefits for their service-related condition.

We work in liaison with DVA and the veteran to identify rehabilitation goals and ensure an appropriate rehabilitation plan is developed.

Rehabilitation Programs

Direct Solutions aims to provide early and appropriate rehabilitation plans tailored to our veterans needs and situation. Our plans ensure that the veterans medical, social and vocational needs are met to aid recovery and wellbeing and to ensure successful re-engagement into civilian life.

Medical Management

Direct Solutions provides medical rehabilitation to assist in the management of veterans specific medical needs. We help veterans navigate through their medical appointments, treatment regimes, medical information, self care needs, requirement for aids and appliances to help them achieve recovery and well-being goals.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Direct Solutions aims to assist veterans in adapting and moving forward following an injury, by improving functioning, recovery, community participation and quality of life. Direct Solutions works to address barriers in the veterans life and formulates plans to help transition veterans to civilian life.

Vocational Rehabilitation

DVA offers a variety of employment programs to assist veterans in reaching their vocational goals including the provision of the Employment Incentive Scheme (EIS).

Advocacy and VVCS

Direct Solutions provides ex-ADF members with a list of local advocates to assist with claims lodgement and other service related matters. If psychological assistance is an identified area of need, Direct Solutions can assist veterans in linking in with appropriate services such as VVCS.

RPL Conversion

Direct Solutions provides Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) services through CLET. This allows veterans through a comprehensive assessment to confirm whether their skills and experience can be converted to any number of a large range of nationally recognised qualifications.

Transition to Civilian Life

Direct Solutions recognises the importance of psychosocial solutions, in promoting personal recovery, successful community integration and satisfactory quality of life for veterans with mental health concerns or physical injuries. We offer evidence-based programs to facilitate the transition to civilian life for men and women who have left the Australian Defence Force.

Our programs include;

  • Reignite Resilience Solutions
  • Stress Solutions
  • Calm Minds Solutions
  • Foundations of Wellbeing Solutions
  • Addiction Recovery Solutions
  • Trauma Support Solutions
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